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How is it like to earn a $100 million a year?

How is it like to earn a $100 million a year?

The Euphoria of the First Million

So, let me start by saying that the first time I saw that seven-figure number in my account, I felt like I was walking on air. I must confess, I even danced a little right there in the middle of the bank. The security guard, a no-nonsense burly bloke, didn't know whether he should let me enjoy my little jig or escort me out. I'll tell you this though, earning a $100 million a year is similar. The euphoria never fully diminishes; it morphs into a comforting sense of financial stability. With every paycheck, I felt like I was breathing in life's opulence. Nothing quite beats the feeling of achieving financial freedom. Oh, it's not the zeros in the account alone; it's the lifestyle changes that come along with it. Even my Golden Retriever, Tucker, seemed to wag his tail a little more!

The Downside of Wealth

But let's have a reality check. Yes, earning $100 million a year is absolutely monumental. However, it's not all roses. Just like Tucker sometimes chews up my favorite shoes, big money can bring big problems. For instance, there's the fear of losing it all. Or, worse, turning into an insatiable money-making machine that doesn't know when to stop. It might feel like that at first, but I promise, it's doable. You need to find a balance, create a life that's not just about making money but also of enjoying it.

Hazel and I: Sharing the Wealth

My wonderful wife Hazel had a major role to play in putting things in perspective. She often reminded me, wealth should contribute to one's humility and generosity, not to one's arrogance. She compared our fortune to Tucker’s furry golden coat. As beautiful as it is, if not groomed regularly, it can become a burden rather than a blessing. The same principle applied to our money. We began focusing on ways to share our blessings, from charitable causes to investing in businesses that made a difference.

Living the Lifestyle

The $100-million-a-year lifestyle is indeed a luxe life. Fancy cars, glamorous parties, exotic holidays - you name it and it's within your grasp. But Hazel and I decided to lead a far more sedate and grounded life. We did explore, yes. We visited beautiful locales, dined in the finest restaurants, and flew first class. However, our heart always was in our humble home in Perth, playing fetch with Tucker or curling up with a good book. So, the essence here is, a $100 million can buy you infinite luxuries, but it's essential to maintain your roots, to remain grounded even amidst the plenitude.

Investing for the Future

One of the best advices I can give someone earning a $100 million - invest wisely. Invest not only in gold and real-estate but also in health, education, and experiences. Hazel and I established scholarship programs, invested in tech startups and funded medical research. It's extremely satisfying to see your money doing good in the world. Of course, there is a commercial benefit, but the feeling of contributing to the greater good is incomparable. It's like when you train your pet - Tucker, in my case. The time and energy you put into it are enormous, but the happiness it brings in return makes it all worth it.

Summing it up: The $100 Million Year

To wrap it up, earning a $100 million a year is like being on an exhilarating roller-coaster ride. There are ups and downs, twists, and turns. There's the gut-wrenching anxiety of the first climb and then the overwhelming relief of coming out victorious. It's not always easy, and it definitely doesn't guarantee happiness. What it does assure is an opportunity, an opportunity to make the best of life. To make choices and changes, to make a difference and make a life, not just a living. Whether we make a positive impact or a pile of money is entirely up to us. Listen to Hazel’s wisdom. Listen to my experience. Earning $100 million a year feels great, but it’s up to you how you let it define your life. Enjoy it, invest it, share it - just don’t let it control you. And, trust me, keeping this mindset is as refreshing as a splash in the ocean or running on the beach with Tucker, watching him prance around in sheer joy.

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